My primary years were filled with world travel exposing me to patterns and designs of all sorts from many cultures and religions. My second grade teacher wore saris everyday. On holiday we would travel up the Malaysian Peninsula where my mother visited a dressmaker who pinned and sewed a batik dress with folding and fans. I became of fan of origami and related arts of paper cutting and shadow puppets.  In the summers of secondary school, I worked at  our local YMCA camp in Augusta as an arts and crafts director, tie-dying hundreds of camp t-shirts. As a mother of four I used the process to do workshops at the local schools to demonstrate color theory. I studied printmaking at the University of Maine at Orono and continued studies at Mass. College of Art . All this activity has now come together: tie-dye, batik, and origami are combined and unfold into breath taking designs reminiscent of the fractal aspects we see in nature, from the heavens to the molecular level.

           White cotton in fractal design with black dye

                                                                          frock dresses

                                                                              Batik , tie dye designs


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